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BeyondCore is not just another visualization product. Business users don’t have the time to play twenty-thousand questions with their data. BeyondCore lets the data speak. It shows you what you need to see even if you didn’t know to ask.

Visualization is not Analysis.

Analysis shows you the right graphs you should see, confirms that it is statistically sound, adjusts for confounding affects, and shows the relationships between the graphs.

Visualization shows you the graph you ask to see, whether or not it was worth looking at.

BeyondCore is not just another tool for Data Scientists. BeyondCore automates analysis but still makes it easy for business users to overlay human insights and domain knowledge. So you get your statistically sound analysis in minutes, without already scarce Data Scientists.

Analysis delayed is analysis devalued.

Sure the analysts might be able to do a better job...eventually. Are you willing to wait? The risk you run is your market conditions changing faster than you complete the analysis. On top of that, there may be human error or bias in your analysis. BeyondCore solves the problem of not enough data scientists, by automating that role, and presenting the correct information within minutes.

BeyondCore is not a typical Machine Learning solution that provides magic answers. The best analysis does not matter if your organization cannot understand it, because then they won’t act on it. BeyondCore explains the reasons behind the answer to the business user as a human analyst would.

Comprehension leads to action.

A McKinsey Global Institute study highlighted that there is a shortage of 1.5 Million data-savvy managers in the US alone. In advanced analytics, the reports presented to the business user are often too complex or rely on opaque assumptions. Even executives who have the training necessary to consume analytics reports typically understand and communicate in terms of stories. It’s easier to teach software to tell stories than it is to teach humans rigorous statistics. BeyondCore walks the business user through the results as an analyst would and guides them to key insights.


One-click Analysis: Rather than playing 20,000 questions with your data, just tell BeyondCore what number – revenue, cost or risk – you are trying to understand and BeyondCore asks millions of questions on your behalf to find the key insights.

Animated Briefings: BeyondCore’s animated briefing walks the user through the key insights as an analyst would. This comprehensible story goes beyond the obvious and shows you the most important insights in your data.

Guided Exploration: Humans do know information a computer cannot. BeyondCore’s guided exploration makes it easy for humans to overlay human intuition and domain knowledge.

Descriptive Analysis (What happened):

Want to see the most important graphs? BeyondCore automatically identifies and sorts the most important graphs you should see in order of relative importance. It presents the key micro-segments that are worth exploring further. Users can still interactively explore additional patterns instantaneously and on-demand. For each exploration, BeyondCore automatically checks whether the pattern is statistically sound and compares the explored pattern’s statistical soundness to all other patterns being considered by the user.

Diagnostic Analysis (Why it happened):

Perhaps you want to understand why your revenues this quarter are lower than the same quarter last year? Is it because a certain product did worse, is because a new competitor had a huge impact in one country? Finding out that you did badly is easy. Finding out WHY is hard. BeyondCore shows you why without you having to ask any specific questions or come up with potential hypotheses.

Predictive Analytics (What will happen):

Do you want to understand what would happen under specific circumstances? BeyondCore automatically generates the prediction or forecast model based on the unique patterns in your data. You can then modify the model with a couple of clicks…no programming or Statistics skills are required.

Prescriptive Analytics (How to improve it):

Do you want to figure out the best ways to impact your business outcomes such as revenues, costs or risks? In life, only a few things are actionable. In healthcare, you may be able to impact whether or not a patient takes their medicine, but you can’t magically make the patients younger even though younger patients may have better health outcomes. BeyondCore lets you specify the few variables that are actionable and then looks through all possible cases and finds the specific situations where changing that actionable variable delivers the greatest outcome.

Available on the Cloud or on premise:

Do you want to use BeyondCore right now and have the ability to easily scale your use as your needs evolve? You can use BeyondCore completely securely on the Cloud. We comply with privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

You can also use BeyondCore on premise. We will overnight you an appliance and all you have to do is turn it on and optionally connect it to your Intranet.

You can even use BeyondCore on the Cloud but leave the data on premise. BeyondCore calculates a detailed mathematical profile of your data and only moves that profile as opposed to your actual data to the Cloud.


BeyondCore analytics software has been used by 21 of the Fortune 100 firms and leading companies across a broad array of industries.


BeyondCore is used by global retailers in HR, operations, logistics, and finance departments. BeyondCore discovered sales variation patterns, marketing lift for specific campaigns, coupon effectiveness, ‘perfect store’ incentive effectiveness and product return patterns.

Sears Holdings:

“In less than 5 minutes total, we had been set up on a cloud-based server, were able to load up our uniquely structured data, analyze it with a single click, and see the results of the automated analysis.” For the full story, see Why Sears Chose BeyondCore.


BeyondCore has been used to analyze patient length of stay, readmission rates, healthcare expense, claim rates and underpayment patterns.

30 Million patients, 1 Million patterns, 2 hours:

McKinsey & Co. used BeyondCore to analyze healthcare cost increases for 30 million patients across a million variable combinations. We highlighted the fact that half of 18-35 year old females with diabetic ketoacidosis are readmitted to the hospital. For such young females, this was not an academic concern, but an immediate possibility. The readmissions were primarily due to noncompliance with insulin regimens. The physicians who McKinsey briefed on this pattern were initially surprised, because young women are usually better at taking their medications. The doctors then immediately recognized that they had indeed seen such cases, but had not recognized it as an actionable pattern. After thinking about it, they realized that for young women, not taking insulin might be a weight loss strategy, an unorthodox way to drop 30 pounds. Our analysis revealed thousands of such patterns where each pattern is specific and actionable.


Manufacturers use BeyondCore to analyze invoice discrepancy and supplier payment patterns, key drivers of product returns, as well as customer value and profitability patterns.

Well-meaning dashboard designer hid the key insight:

A leading global manufacturer used BeyondCore software find where and why there were unspecified product shipment delays. BeyondCore ran the analysis, and the first insight revealed that a specific shipping depot was performing badly for 2-hour and 4-hour shipments. When asked why this was the case, the director of these operations said it was impossible – the depot is in the middle of Texas, and should not have been making any 2-hour or 4-hour shipments; this depot only shipped to other depots, not directly to customers. BeyondCore however detected 40,000 such shipments. Further investigation revealed that the dashboard had been designed a few years back, under the assumption that the depot would never make 2-hour or 4-hour shipments. The categories were not included in the dashboard, because they were considered unnecessary. Fast-forward a few years, people and processes have changed, and people have started shipping directly to customers from this depot. However, because the dashboard had excluded these shipments that should not happen, the director of operations was unaware they were occurring. This is a prime example of how preconceived notions/human bias have the potential to be incredibly detrimental to business operations.

Banking & Finance

BeyondCore has been used to analyze customer lifetime value, customer acquisition strategy, collections effectiveness, mortgage processing patterns, payment discrepancies and fraud patterns.

Beware what you consider an outlier:

A Fortune 100 Commercial Mortgage Firm asked BeyondCore to determine the drivers of mortgages that were taking a long time to close. The company already had a model for predicting mortgage-processing times, but when BeyondCore was brought in, BeyondCore identified nine specific ways to improve the existing Complexity Score model, and delivered a 4.7 times improvement in the accuracy of predicting how long the mortgage processing took. BeyondCore’s software also automatically discovered that the people classified as the best operators were actually cherry picking the easiest mortgages. Why did this pattern go unnoticed by the analysts? When the analysts reviewed the data, and saw a few mortgages that took the operator 180 days to process (but were eventually cancelled), they assumed they were outliers. They then ran the analysis with the outliers removed, and never picked up on the pattern. BeyondCore ran the analysis without any pre-conceived notions, and discovered the trend. BeyondCore could predict, after analyzing all variables, which mortgages were going to be cancelled after 180 days, and which mortgages would be processed in 30 days. Given that BeyondCore could predict them fairly well, the unprocessed mortgages were clearly not outliers, but a key insight.

Finance Operations

While BeyondCore has been used in several verticals, the needs of the finance function are similar across verticals. CFOs and Controllers have used BeyondCore for invoice discrepancy, days sales outstanding, forecasting, and expense report fraud analysis.

Turning an expense into a source of revenue:

BeyondCore’s software analyzed the invoice data for one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world. BeyondCore discovered that whenever a customer had three specific characteristics, there was a large invoice discrepancy in October. When the client looked into this pattern, they realized that these customers were retailers who had a cashflow crunch right before Black Friday. They were really unprofitable in October, but by disputing the invoice, they would get an extra month to pay their invoices. Once the pattern was discovered, the electronics manufacturer could extend the payment date in October in return for a small interest fee, instead of incurring the expense of processing an invoice dispute. However, the company couldn’t go in and make that offer to all of their customers, because then they would not get paid in October at all. BeyondCore’s software allowed the company to microsegment down to this specific small group, and negotiate on an individual basis. Armed with the precise information about which type of customer would dispute the invoice, the client’s Finance team was able to determine exactly which customers needed extra time to pay in October and which did not.


BeyondCore enhances the value of your existing technology investments. It doesn’t matter if your data is in a database, data warehouse, Hadoop or SAP HANA; wherever you are storing data, we can take that data and analyze it. We can transparently leverage the unique capabilities of technologies like SAP HANA and Hadoop so that you don’t have to learn how to optimize your analysis for these newer technologies. We partner with leading technology firms like HP and SAP because we unlock additional value for their existing customers.

Visual analysis and reporting tools like Tableau:

Visualization is not analysis. Business users don’t have the time to hunt for the right answers on visualization tools. BeyondCore automatically finds them the right graphs they should see and the areas of each graph that they should focus on. Then, they can use their existing visualization tools to share those insights with the rest of the organization. BeyondCore thus improves the quality of insights you share through your existing visualization investments while reducing the labor cost of manually hunting for insights.

Statistical analysis tools like SAS:

Most organizations do not have enough analysts to meet their analysis needs. BeyondCore makes existing analysts more effective by automating the first stage of analysis where analysts try to figure out which variable combinations they should focus on. BeyondCore also simplifies the communication between the business user and the analyst so that they can quickly agree on the most important questions to ask of the data. After the BeyondCore analysis is complete, the analyst can export the model in R or SQL and enhance it further using their favorite tools.

Newer technologies like Hadoop:

Even individual queries on Hadoop often take a considerable amount of time to run. Massive volumes of new data have unknown associations, so analysts can’t rely on past experiences to start asking questions of this data. Also, Analysts often don’t know how much of the stored data is valuable and which variables are being stored unnecessarily. BeyondCore unlocks the value of data stored in Hadoop by automatically asking millions of questions to detect the most insightful questions to ask the data.


BeyondCore is on a mission to “Empower every business user with the power of analytics.” BeyondCore delivers one-click automated business analysis. Our breakthrough technology is based on ten years of R&D and is backed up by 12 issued and 10 pending patents. BeyondCore has been used by 21 of the Fortune 100 companies to solve a wide variety of analytic problems and has received multiple industry innovation awards including Gartner Cool Vendor in 2012.

Using traditional analytics tools human beings can take hours to explore mere dozens of patterns out of the millions of potential insights hidden in the data. In minutes, BeyondCore can automatically explore millions of variable combinations and immediately present the most important insights without human bias or error.

CEO and Founder: Arijit Sengupta

Before founding BeyondCore, Arijit held a variety of technical and management positions at Oracle and Microsoft. Arijit has been granted a dozen patents in advanced analytics, business process as a service, operational risk, privacy and information security. Arijit has guest lectured at Stanford; spoken at conferences in a dozen countries; and was written about in The World Is Flat 3.0, New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, Harvard Business Review and The Economist. Arijit holds an MBA with distinction from the Harvard Business School and Bachelor degrees with distinction in Computer Science and Economics from Stanford University.

Co-Founder: Griffin Chronis

Prior to joining BeyondCore, Griffin worked at Autonomy, MIT Media Lab, Glug Glug and Dena Global. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from MIT.

Advisors and Investors

  • John Jarve: Partner at Menlo Ventures, MIT, Stanford GSB
  • Audrey MacLean: Stanford University, Forbes' Midas Touch List, Fortune's Most Powerful Women and Business Week's Top 50 Business Women in America
  • Ken Comée: Former CEO of Badgeville, PowerReviews, and Cast Iron Systems, an IBM Company.
  • Warren McFarlan: Harvard Business School (former Senior Associate Dean), former Chairman of the Mount Auburn Hospital
  • Jackie Kosecoff: Athenahealth, Warburg Pincus, former CEO of UHG Prescription Solutions (now called OptumRx)
  • Robert H. Brook: UCLA, Distinguished Chair in Health Care Services at the RAND Corporation

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